Plant based Plastic

Plant based Plastic -Sugarcane I’m green™ Polyethylene : A renewable sourced alternative to traditional polyethylene

Bio-based Material                                                 

Plastic packaging is an indispensable necessity in our life. Under the limited resources on the earth, bio-based material is a material intentionally made from substances derived from living organisms and helped protect the earth’s resources. Green PE (produced by Braskem Company) is made from ethanol in sugarcane which is renewable, not made from general petrochemical raw materials like normal plastic. It helps to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and preserve the environment while generating.


  • The net bio-based content of Green PE plastic is more than 80%; the highest can reach 94%.
  • Green PE raw materials made from sugarcane are colorless and tasteless; the finished product made with Green PE is the same as normal plastic in appearance and performance.
  • Green PE plastic can be recycled with normal plastic and converted into renewable raw materials.
  • Planting of sugar cane can absorb Co2.
  • 1Kg of Green PE could reduce ~3kg of Co2 emission that mitigates the greenhouse effect.



 Braskem so called Green PE, because it is not made by Fossil fuel as normal plastic. But it is  made by the ethanol from sugarcane which is renewable and helps to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions and preserve the environment.

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