Synthetic Paper

Application: synthetic paper bags, business cards, labels, book catalogs, clock dials, etc.

Synthetic paper

The PP synthetic paper is a white, high-covering, waterproof, tear-resistant, printable environmentally friendly PP paper. PP synthetic paper is mainly made from polypropylene. Due to the nature of the material, PP synthetic paper has good printing properties, processing properties and certain weather resistance. It is a good material for making special requirements.

Synthetic paper with traditional paper characteristic, can be written, can be printed, can be combined with plastic film, silk screen printing, UV offset, bronzing features, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, strong tensile, durable. Combined with its 100% recyclable, it is the new choice for printing substrates.

The formula substrate of the synthetic paper is only carbon-oxygen, which is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by combustion, and does not produce other toxic, harmful gases or elements that cause harm to the environment and organisms.

The production does not require the use of wood and plant fibers, thereby saving the consumption of forest resources, reducing environmental pollution, and conforming to the concept of modern green environmental protection.