Tamper Proof Security Bag

Ensure Your Cash, Coin, Deposit Security

Tamper Proof Security Bag​

Supreme Security bag provides difference level of security for your business need.

Security tape will show “VOID” message to show any  attempts to break the seal. It can ensure to let you know any unauthorised open. There are difference type of security level : 1) High/Cold Temperature 2) Water 3) Heat. It can up to your choice.  

Supreme security bags are recommended for use in high-risk situations such as handling cash, cheque, share or bond certificates and other sensitive items including forensic evidence. 

We provide to many customer including Bank, Duty free shop, Government department, etc



ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has laid down norms for the secure transport of LAG’s (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels) under which LAG’S once purchased by passengers from duty-free shops after passing through security or on board the aircraft are by ICAO rules placed into a STEB for safe keeping. Supreme is an approved manufacturer.

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We provide the STEBS Bags to many main airport in the world.

Tamper Proof Security Label

Beside the tamper tape using in the bag for security function, it can also use to pack the carton or making a label to close any document. 

It can make any color or printing on it.




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